This site was created as an avenue to express how and what I feel, when and how I am feeling it.  Like many other bloggers I have a love for writing in which I consider to be my gifted artistic form of expression.

Through the world wide web, I have found the perfect place to dedicate to my composition of written artistry.  This site is your invitation to see the world of a highly opinionated “So what you’re gonna do about it” “Been there, done that” woman.  In lieu of writing just for the heck of it, I love discussing fashion, home décor, family and talent.  What I have to say on this site; is the most of what I’ve witnessed or lived to experience in a day-to-day.  Around here my name is Niqua Rene’e but you can call me Niqua for short – I am avidly navigating through this thing called LIFE and learning how to be the most efficient while doing so.

To my Readers:

Follow me on my journey as I live this thing called life. I Say That to Say This wants to engage readers…so if you have something to say post a comment.  I want to leave no topic unspoken, no venue unseen and no trend undone.  “I Say That to Say This” emphasizes the right in freedom of speech. Be marveled by this world because, reality is…”We are what we make of It”. Join me as aspire to influence a culture change.

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