Month: March 2012

Impromptu 2 ¢

I tried to refrain from writing this blog but being the reality t.v. junkie that I am I could not go unspoken with my “Impromptu”.

Basketball Wives is one reality show I know everyone of my Facebook Friends tune into every week.  Sheesh for goodness sake we ALL have been anticipating the new season.  We get fashion, events and drama rolled up into one.  Since the previews we have been introduced to the squabble between use to be besties Evelyn and Jennifer.  Coming into the season no one really knew what could have possibly turned this once indispensible friendship cold – but unfortunately the chatter about the deterioration of the friendship has appeared to be a REALITY (pun intended).

As the beef intensely unraveled – Evelyn was pretty vague about her mentions related to her ill feelings toward Jen…that is until all of the girls were finally brought into one room.  Unfortunate for us we are only given one hour of the show and a hot 2 minutes of the juice.  From what I deciphered Evelyn appears to be upset that Jennifer has consistently been very outspoken about Evelyn’s relationship with Chad.  Although Jennifer has not given personal details about the relationship per se, she seems to be very vocal about her calculated demise of the Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn’s love affair.  Apparently Evelyn would prefer for Jennifer to be less judgmental and more supportive.  Although Jennifer may not be sold about the longevity of their companionship Evelyn feels that Jennifer should avoid sharing negative opinions to media and press and would appreciate if she would illustrate a sense of (if not support) optimism for the sake of their friendship.  As an outsider looking in I assume that this for Evelyn would be a show in the value of their friendship and in a nut shell silence for Jen would ultimately mean that she is “keeping it cute”.

As friends I believe Jennifer’s strong opinion about the relationship could have been a joke of two they shared privately over food and cocktails.  From the Jennifer commentary and the editor cuts she sure does not seem to understand.  Nonetheless, I am sure we all do…am I right?  If not – here it is in layman terms:  (In my Evelyn voice) Jen – I know we both have been down this road before.  Stereotype places the underlying possibility that things may not work out especially if you base it off of where we have BOTH been…HOWEVER, I have no intention on carrying around even the lightest load of baggage.  For now I love this man AND this man loves me THEREFORE as far as I am concerned I am anticipating for every ounce that I put into this relationship – for it to work.  Please refrain from speaking a failed relationship into existence cause I intend to go “All The Way” Boo Boo.

We all walk into things expecting the best but needing to be prepared for the worst.  Although Evelyn is very aware of what she has gotten herself into, she has chosen to give love a shot by refusing to allow her past to tarnish her future.  To Jen this is riske’e but Ev has put a strike through stereotype.  WTF who wants to be the president to the “Bitter B!+@#” Committee?  Bitterness poses for a woman to harbor feelings and suspect every new man to ultimately be like the last.   Out of respect of a friendship and (more even so) Evelyn’s feelings – biting the tongue should not be forced it should have been second nature for Jen.

I believe that Jennifer although has the ability to understand Evelyn’s frustration, refuses to because, there is something she has her panties in a bunch about that she has not conveyed to Evelyn.  In my opinion, we have both woman who are no strangers to the life of dealing with athletes.  They both have invested time into relationships that ended.  In season 3 when Jennifer finally decided that she wanted to separate from Eric, I believe she expected the two of them to be on the single ladies squad together and with that thought in mind I raise that Jen expected to paint the town red with her girl Ev.

What would have been better than the besties being completely free from being tied down?  I’ll admit, I sure do love hanging with my single girls because we can prey together *lol*.  On contrary, I respect – adore and go goo-goo over any of my friend’s profound happiness no matter the season or reason.

I Say That to Say This – Although there are instances when my girls and I may not see eye to eye, we can agree to disagree. There is something so blatant and pure about our bonds – we are faithful to one another and understanding.  I have loved Jennifer since the first season.  She seemed so reserved and has a fashion sense to die for.  Although we often watch to see what drama may unfold I for one look forward to see what threads the cast will be sporting.  There is indeed something so mellow about Jennifer’s bourgie persona.  Even though we know Jen is not the “pop off” type I do expect her to be a little more “frank”, because honesty is the best policy.  I sure do hope the two can bury the hatchet because for a long time friendship to go sour over an issue that can be rectified is troubling.