Jet Setter…or a Rock with Eyes?


I have yet to get out of the country but I have been places.  Experienced the country side, camped out, climbed a few mountains, flown to a number of states and have tested a few attractions along the skirts of the five boroughs.  I am no foreigner when it comes to trying something so out of my element.  If you ask me, I will try anything once if it’s worth the while.  I want to do things not just so I can say I’ve done them but to step outside of what is considered to be the “norm”.

Because I have education, work and motherly obligations I am holding off on the extreme use of frequent flyer miles but on no level am I a root and have no intention to be one.  I have to thank a very special lady for introducing me to life outside of a place I call home NYC…my mom.  With her I’ve been given the opportunity to experience and embrace traveling.  I’ve learned at young to, take risk, enjoy life, learn as much as I can and appreciate all that I am capable to do and never forgetting to thank God for the latter of it all.

Some people only know their surroundings and become a product of such.  Every day the same things, but just a different day and become so accustomed to it they never get a chance to enjoy the variety the world shares.  I say that to say this…Position yourself to be a goal getter.  Even a mouse knows how to navigate his way through the maze and exit the box.  Don’t sit around letting time pass you by then all you have to share is the little that you know.  It’s something undeniably unexplainable about breaking free, smelling the fresh country air and visiting different places.  Are you a Jet Setter? Or just A Rock with Eyes?


  1. I don’t see who would want to be a rock any how…they just sit there.  It’s sad when the only time it moves is if someone forces it (picks it up) *lol*.

  2. Oooohhhh, believe me, there are plenty of ppl out there who are definitely willin to be rocks!!! I see it everyday *hint, hint*. And its sooo sad because even when they have someone there that’s willin to help them move, they just dont want to!!!!

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