The Tea| Troy Ave. & Blackn’ Out Entertainment Promo Party


Did anyone get the tea on what went down in Wilkes Barre during the promo party for Troy Ave.? Now let me just put out there that I did not attend the event so I am no witness to the account.  Although I planned to attend, my work and personal life kind of threw a wrench into that whole situation.

So according to an article written by a local PA news feed – Blackn’ Out Entertainment’s CEO Ronald Drayton promoted the party and somewhere around the closing of the event, a fight ensued.

Here it is…I am reading a story about a fight, during a party, which took place at a nightclub.  Okay, sounds along the lines of the time when there is alcohol and individuals under the influence who apparently do not know how to drink responsibly.  However, as I am reading the article I couldn’t help but notice that the reporter used no discretion when painting his picture of the person who coordinated the event. I get it, a reporter’s job is to find “stories” but the question I have is why tarnish the image of someone just to have a “story”?

So here I am with my morning coffee reading the article and all I am thinking to myself is – “is it me who just feels that the story is a crime within alleged crime?” What appeared to be evidently relative in fact was the reporter intentionally assassinated the promoter’s character and the only spokesperson on the story appeared to be local law enforcement *sips tea*.

After reading the story I looked to spot a disclaimer and saw none.  Aside from the character assassination, the reporter uses an image of the promoter donned in suit and tie  – which just so happened to be the same image local Pennsylvania paper used back in 2013 when the promoter made his inaugural Blackn’ Out Entertainment debut introducing Comedian Tracy Morgan to Wilkes-Barre (which may I add had a very successful turnout).

Makes me wonder if editor in chief’s as like the one portrayed in Spider-Man really sit behind the desk and “John Jameson” people?  Peter Parker’s boss John Jameson was clearly envious of Spider-Man.   At times although he knew what integrity was, would neglect to practice it when desperate to throw the good guy “Spider-Man” under the bus.  Where are the reporters that wouldn’t just take the call about the hurricane but would be on the scene?  You know, that reporter who would stand in the storm and give us real time?  What was even more disturbing about the report was the reporter’s update to the story.  Once there was an arrest the reporter included everything with the exception of Mr. Draytons social security number.

I’ve known this promoter for over a decade and I know him to be a business savvy man who has always displayed professionalism.   Knowing how very in touch and serious about his desire to reach people on a positive level made the reported story very difficult to digest.  Care to know some FUN FACTS about Ron?

1. Along side his son, Ronald Drayton recently coordinated a toy drive in NEPA around the holidays for underprivileged children.


Ronald Drayton and son 2014 “Jingle Bell Toy Drive”.

2. Has been actively involved in establishing business opportunity in NEPA and the community in which he has called home for quite some time.  On a more personable note he is a family oriented guy, always has a person’s best interest at heart and shows a great deal of optimism for change in his surrounding dwellings.


Ronald Drayton coaching youngster basketball team

I say that to say this. Unfortunately negative and distasteful social/media is considered to be a trending strategy utilized to obtain lucrative business or personal gain.  Welcome to the world where the platform to launch smear campaigns and demoralize others has no boundaries.




Black’n Out Entertainment Presents Tracy Morgan in Pennsylvania Feb. 9th 2013


(Left) Tracy Morgan (Center) Andrew Brown (Right) Neek La Fierce

Who has heard that smiling uses more muscles than frowning and the scientific fact that a smile has positive affects on the face? I don’t know about everyone else but if that is the case, I see no fault in relying on a nice laugh as a means of a premed face lift and…what better place to invest in one other than a comedy show?

After being informed that Tracy Morgan was debuting his “Excuse My French” tour in Pennsylvania, I took the extended invitation to go see what stand-up comedy he’d be showcasing while on tour.  Let me just mention that both New York and Pennsylvania experienced snowfall the night before the event – needless to say I reached the venue late.

Upon arrival Tracy Morgan had already been an estimated 45 minutes into his act. With that said, I arrived just in time to catch the last 20 minutes…call it a “Black Thing” *lol*.  I caught the jokes about interracial dating and it’s benefits for a “black woman”, a crack about him allegedly dating a handicapped girl and he even went as far as cracking on club bouncers that are overweight – irony – when he is apparently a tic-tac from a chair break.  As I waited anxiously for him to tickle my funny bone I found myself chuckling just a little when he referenced his friend And coordinator of the event “Knowledge” for his attempts to put together a gig where the audience would be a room full of amputees.  The punch line of that joke went something to the effect of “A lot of p***y crawling around”.  Although I found most of the twenty minutes to be dreadfully raunchy – he did entitle the show “Excuse My French”.

Now let me just be a critic because after locking down stage side tickets, commuting for 2 hours, anticipating to piss my pants, looking forward to the organic exercise of delaying the signs of aging – I expected the best to be saved for last.  The conclusion of the gig which in my opinion should have been – the “Creme de la Creme” Instead ended with…let me just say I cant remember. All I can recall is when he said his name – raised his hand (which was an annotation that the show was over) then he exited the stage. Although he got a round of applause there were crickets chirping in my mind. I am almost convinced that the crowd stood up in applause as a way of being one step closer to the door. As soon as he dove backstage everyone was gone.  Truth be told I was disappointed.  Not only was his closing remarks dry but, I was annoyed at the help someone hired to slap on the table behind me and laugh like gas induced hyenas. I’m sorry but I witnessed a show two wonder bread slices short of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a pitcher of kool-aide shy of a bag of sugar. ~sidebar: I referenced food because I know the way to a man’s heart is his through his stomach therefore if Tracy reads this it will likely have the ability to draw a smile on his face *lol*.

I’ve read some of the reviews and lets just say that they were brilliant when it comes to tasteful word play. In a nutshell they pretty much wrote up some “news” to highlight that the small town had a celebrity touch down.

Who am I to critique a show I only got to witness approximately 31% of? The critic who I can only give a respectful word full of credit because he hustles harder than hustle man (pun intended). The man with the ability to attract a room full of people (because ladies and gents it was a sold out show), Mr. Drayton himself.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing this man for years and one of his most appealing characteristics is his leadership and poise as a BOSS. He is strong willed and dedicates every ounce of energy in a project he believes in.  Dream chasers show passion by the efforts.  Kudos to Ron “Knowledge” Drayton for shedding light to a town tucked along the roads of Pennsylvania.  In my book these hard works are always respected and never go un-noticed.  Mr. Drayton administered this event under his founded business name “Black’n Out Entertainment”.

(Ron Drayton) Image provided by:

I say that to say this…wrinkle cream anyone? *lol*.  These are my opinions and I exercise the right to my entitlement of said opinions.  Tracy is a funny guy on T.V. but stand-up is a whole different ball park.  In other news, business is business as usual.  I support entrepreneurship therefore, be on the lookout for Black’n Out Entertainment!!! I’d like to see it grow as an establishment.


A night at the “DOLLHOUSE”

On Saturday June 23rd 2012 as I was getting dressed to hit the streets and enjoy the first weekend of the summer I noticed that I had new neighbors.  I’ve inquired about the construction – but unfortunately no one in the area really knew what was behind the covered windows.  By surprise this day an awning was up entitled “Dollhouse” which struck my curiosity even more…and…they were open for business.  Once I gathered myself together I went on over and had the pleasure of meeting with the young owner by the name of Chyna.  As it seems “Dollhouse” is a new cosmetic line and the brick & mortar location is her flagship beauty bar.  Very impressing coming from such a youthful looking young lady – and by the looks of things the entitled name complimented the interior design dearly.

When I reached the establishment there was a lot going on.  The crowd was growing thick and owner Chyna was very involved greeting the people who came out to support her grand opening.  Although amongst all of the activity she was able to squeeze in a quick interview so that we could get a glimpse of what “Dollhouse” is all about.

With recorder in hand, camera in other and my business partner Lady Tae to my left we got to chop it up a little with Chyna and get some insight about the establishment .

Neek La Fierce:  What was your inspiration behind Dollhouse?

Chyna:  “Well I was a former party promoter and have always been into fashion.  Art has always been an inspiration of mine BUT the color behind art is what intrigued me…the things I realized I could do with color was amazing to me.  I worked for numerous cosmetic lines and as a woman of color I felt like most of them did not cater to our skin types and tones.”

Lady Tae:  What services will Dollhouse provide?

Chyna:  “Mink lashes, facials and glamovers…a little girls lip gloss line is in the works which I will be naming “Jewels” inspired by my daughter.  I am bringing makeup like a pair of shoes …we need it.  I see it as a part of life…It’s not just a choice we’ve got to be glamed up”.

Neek La Fierce:  I am excited that I do not have to look very far for my makeup now [high fives Chyna]

Lady Tae:  Where do you see Dollhouse 5 years from now?

Chyna:  “I see Dollhouse literally everywhere.”

Lady Tae:  Which products are you most excited about?

Chyna:  “I love all of my products but if I had to choose, I would have to say my brow kit…it’s amazing.  Concealer – amazing.”

{Neek La Fierce:  I sure could use a reliable concealer.}

Lady Tae:  What are three things you cannot go without?

Chyna:  “I will not go anywhere without my eyebrow kit, mascara or my concealer.  A woman should not be without concealer …raccoon eyes are not what’s up.”

Lady Tae:  You have a very interesting philosophy about a “not popping” brow?

Chyna:  “Never trust a B*%@# with bad brows.”

{we all laugh}

Neek La Fierce:  Well I must say your brows are laid tonight…I love it.  How would you rate my brow?

Chyna:  “They are alright…but seriously though eyebrows are everything.” 

 {Lady Tae:  I would agree that they put a smile on your face}. 

Chyna: I snatch my brows [snaps fingers]

Lady Tae:  I think she may have some trust issues.

[We all chuckle]

Lady Tae:  What satisfaction do you get most?

Chyna:  “I want for every client that leaves my chair self esteem to go up.  I want for my clients to walk out of my establishment with their heads held high.  That means more to me than the money.  It’s an amazing thing to be able to make someone that happy.  My art is therapy to me as well…I just love what I do.  I am not just selling make up – I take care of my girls…I give them 100% of me because this is in my heart…I live it.”

Thank you Chyna!  Both Lady Tae and I just thought that interview was absolutely amazing because every word spoken ooooozed with sincerity and passion!

During the mix Lil’ Mama arrived on the scene and I must say I thought her get up was absolutely adorable.  She was very responsive to her fans.  She took the time out to take pictures with everyone who put in a request and she worked the crowd with confidence, swag and a whole lot of class.  Her personality was very inviting and her aura screamed blissful serenity.  Although this was not my first time being in her immediate presence it was not hard to notice her graceful maturity.  Lady Tae and I worked the event like thieves in the night “get in and get out fast” *lol* – although we knew that 5 minutes seemed like an eternity (especially when others were eager to catch up with the starlet as well) she was able to give us just enough time to check in with her.

[Chyna (left) Lil’ Mama (right)]

Lady Tae:  So Mama what’s new?

Mama:  “What’s new…hmmm…let’s see.  Well I just finished working on America’s Best Dance Crew and I have been in the studio working on some music.  I am feeling real grownup.  I am just happy with being where I am at this point in my life.” 

{Lady Tae: You look happy}

Mama:  “Thank You…I am here today showing my support.  I love to see people grow and move forward.”

Neek La Fierce:  You look really cute.

Mama:  “Thank You”

Lady Tae:  So what inspired your new look?

Mama:  “A few years ago I decided to go natural and part of going natural meant embracing the look.  Full head weaves required most times for pressing of exposed hair and I did not want to do that so I played with various natural looks.  Tonight I am sporting braids, a little kink with a touch of blonde.  As far as my wardrobe…I am trying new things for the summer and giving color with the pastels I want to lighten up days and you know we have to lighten up the future.”

Neek La Fierce:  So what exactly are you wearing?

Mama:   “Well I am wearing a mixture.  Top from Zara – I caught the coming for spring fashions in the fall.  My shorts are vintage and as Lady Tae would say the “jean panty” look [Mama quotes]. ..[laughter]…spiked out Jeffrey Campbell shoes a pastel mint colored patent leather SS 2012 Epi Edition Louis Vuitton bag and silver body chain jewelry.”

Neek La Fierce:  You look GORGE’.

Mama:  “Thanks”

Lady Tae: Not one for labels but if you had to give one…. What would you call your look?

Mama:  Avant-Gardáe {Lady Tae: I love it, love it, love it!}

Lady Tae:  How do you know Chyna?

Mama:  “We grew up together.  I have known her since very young. Her mom and my mom were close.”

Lady Tae:  Last question and it’s a beauty question.  If you had to choose only 3 cosmetic products what would they be?

Mama:  “I definitely need a lip.  I definitely need my mascara and foundation …I naturally have long lashes and the mascara helps the eyes POP and I prefer  for my  foundation to give me a tanned looked as opposed to a matted look.  With those three I have a full face.”

Thank you Mama.  You looked Fab Cunt! I am sure Chyna was delighted that you were there to support her.

I could not catch up with the woman behind the interior design [Le-Toi Parker] but I did take some pictures to showcase her amazing work.  The powder pink, black and white theme was phenomenal.  I think the zebra striped rug was a really cute accent and the lollipop jar made it oh so very sweet =)  I have seen some of Chyna’s artistry and apparently she does take her line of business serious…I am sure any girl is liable to walk into this cute flagship a “plain Jane” and walk out a DOLL.

Well from the looks of the “Dollhouse” grand opening supporter showmanship was a success.  The large group of supporters made for getting familiar with the products & services and created a breezy platform for socializing. 

Located 421 Marcus Garvey Blvd btw Halsey and Macon
INSTAGRAM : @dollhousepretty
FACEBOOK : Chyna Dollhouse

I Say That to Say This… with being born and raised in Brooklyn, growing up in this New York borough imparted me with the opportunity to witness its transformation.   It’s a place where businesses are breeding with young owners whose dreams are to not only be successful but to provide goods and services that we all want conveniently right in our own backyards.  To say the least, new businesses have flourished the neighborhood with visual substance, made some things a little more convenient and has inspired others to believe that it is possible to accomplish almost anything.

Interior Design of Dollhouse provided by Le-Toi Parker – visit for more of the design teams work.

Impromptu 2 ¢

I tried to refrain from writing this blog but being the reality t.v. junkie that I am I could not go unspoken with my “Impromptu”.

Basketball Wives is one reality show I know everyone of my Facebook Friends tune into every week.  Sheesh for goodness sake we ALL have been anticipating the new season.  We get fashion, events and drama rolled up into one.  Since the previews we have been introduced to the squabble between use to be besties Evelyn and Jennifer.  Coming into the season no one really knew what could have possibly turned this once indispensible friendship cold – but unfortunately the chatter about the deterioration of the friendship has appeared to be a REALITY (pun intended).

As the beef intensely unraveled – Evelyn was pretty vague about her mentions related to her ill feelings toward Jen…that is until all of the girls were finally brought into one room.  Unfortunate for us we are only given one hour of the show and a hot 2 minutes of the juice.  From what I deciphered Evelyn appears to be upset that Jennifer has consistently been very outspoken about Evelyn’s relationship with Chad.  Although Jennifer has not given personal details about the relationship per se, she seems to be very vocal about her calculated demise of the Chad Ochocinco and Evelyn’s love affair.  Apparently Evelyn would prefer for Jennifer to be less judgmental and more supportive.  Although Jennifer may not be sold about the longevity of their companionship Evelyn feels that Jennifer should avoid sharing negative opinions to media and press and would appreciate if she would illustrate a sense of (if not support) optimism for the sake of their friendship.  As an outsider looking in I assume that this for Evelyn would be a show in the value of their friendship and in a nut shell silence for Jen would ultimately mean that she is “keeping it cute”.

As friends I believe Jennifer’s strong opinion about the relationship could have been a joke of two they shared privately over food and cocktails.  From the Jennifer commentary and the editor cuts she sure does not seem to understand.  Nonetheless, I am sure we all do…am I right?  If not – here it is in layman terms:  (In my Evelyn voice) Jen – I know we both have been down this road before.  Stereotype places the underlying possibility that things may not work out especially if you base it off of where we have BOTH been…HOWEVER, I have no intention on carrying around even the lightest load of baggage.  For now I love this man AND this man loves me THEREFORE as far as I am concerned I am anticipating for every ounce that I put into this relationship – for it to work.  Please refrain from speaking a failed relationship into existence cause I intend to go “All The Way” Boo Boo.

We all walk into things expecting the best but needing to be prepared for the worst.  Although Evelyn is very aware of what she has gotten herself into, she has chosen to give love a shot by refusing to allow her past to tarnish her future.  To Jen this is riske’e but Ev has put a strike through stereotype.  WTF who wants to be the president to the “Bitter B!+@#” Committee?  Bitterness poses for a woman to harbor feelings and suspect every new man to ultimately be like the last.   Out of respect of a friendship and (more even so) Evelyn’s feelings – biting the tongue should not be forced it should have been second nature for Jen.

I believe that Jennifer although has the ability to understand Evelyn’s frustration, refuses to because, there is something she has her panties in a bunch about that she has not conveyed to Evelyn.  In my opinion, we have both woman who are no strangers to the life of dealing with athletes.  They both have invested time into relationships that ended.  In season 3 when Jennifer finally decided that she wanted to separate from Eric, I believe she expected the two of them to be on the single ladies squad together and with that thought in mind I raise that Jen expected to paint the town red with her girl Ev.

What would have been better than the besties being completely free from being tied down?  I’ll admit, I sure do love hanging with my single girls because we can prey together *lol*.  On contrary, I respect – adore and go goo-goo over any of my friend’s profound happiness no matter the season or reason.

I Say That to Say This – Although there are instances when my girls and I may not see eye to eye, we can agree to disagree. There is something so blatant and pure about our bonds – we are faithful to one another and understanding.  I have loved Jennifer since the first season.  She seemed so reserved and has a fashion sense to die for.  Although we often watch to see what drama may unfold I for one look forward to see what threads the cast will be sporting.  There is indeed something so mellow about Jennifer’s bourgie persona.  Even though we know Jen is not the “pop off” type I do expect her to be a little more “frank”, because honesty is the best policy.  I sure do hope the two can bury the hatchet because for a long time friendship to go sour over an issue that can be rectified is troubling.

Who Said You Can’t Mix Business with Pleasure?

Saturday February 11th 2012 was intended to be just a simple ladies night.  A long term friend (now sister) ran past me that Touch’e – formerly known as Reign was having an event.  What type of event?  I was not very aware of before stepping into the bar lounge but my motive was to ultimately have a good time.  From what I heard there was some changes to the ambiance of the club since previous management.  I envisioned walls knocked down, space being opened and bars being shifted around the room.  However, upon entry I noticed not much of a change.  Paint was applied to the walls, opposite of the upper levels bar the booths were removed and there you had it – Touch’e…a name change a tad bit more space.

I was not expecting a pop-up shop vendor mixer.  Business people with goods and services set up in every corner, stretching along most of the lounge area ready to do actual BUSINESS.  Interestingly enough, although I unknowingly walked into this event I had to pat myself on the back for remembering to carry my business card holder which at this time was freshly refilled with cards.

Jewelry, which happens to be a girl’s next best friend was the first station I browsed through.  Although I love wearing stylish, unusual costume pieces, nothing much really caught my eye so I moved along cutting through the small crowd to mix with other stations.  I caught eye of a pleasure table that I probably would have touched base with had there been a curtain for privy purposes =) so I digressed.

As I actively mixed and mingled I had the pleasure of meeting a group of gentlemen who had a station set up promoting their brand “I AM CULTURE”.  When asked what their company meant to them, I was told that they aspire to share “REAL” knowledge about cultures of all walks and the line of casual wear is to broaden the acquaintance of the brand.  Getting more familiar I learned that the “I AM CULTURE” team has been orchestrating a fashion event for the month of March.  They have found a way to bring several designers together to put on a show.

Above from left to right: Oneal, Kevin & Jelani

As I continued around trying to take most of the event I was approached by a young lady by the name of Natasha who said she specialized in “Making Faces”…literally.  She handed me a business card and invited me to pay her a visit.  I ordered a cocktail and shimmied through the crowd because I was anxious to see what she had to offer.  As I got to the station I noticed glosses, lip colors and shadows on display.  By the name of the business my initial philosophy was makeup consultant and I had already come to the event with my face beat.  Although I had my lipstick intact that evening and did not want to go through the hassle of reapplying trying to nail the hot pink hue I concocted by the mix of a lighter pink and a couple dab’s of red – I thought to myself a new addition to my lipstick collection would be a chic investment.

As I got a chance to speak to the young lady who founded the business I came to understand that “Making Faces” was not only a consultation and application service it was actually a cosmetic line.  A cute name I thought and fancy way to incorporate both the service into the brand collectively.  I went for the pinks – selected my color and went down the list of things I look for when shopping for lip products.  Texture, smell and end result.  I was sold and left a happy shopper.  Natasha was a very welcoming professional young lady.  She owns and runs “Making Faces” and I wish her much success.

The highlight of my night was the fact that I once again got to shoot the breeze with my sisters in the company of good music, cocktails and things to shop for at great prices =).  I Say That to Say This…it is always possible to incorporate a good time into business.  I am very impressed that more and more young people have the mind for business and putting work into establishing making their dreams become a reality.

Shaniqua Meet Becky – Becky Meet Shaniqua

Attached to name Shaniqua lingers a stigma.  Ever notice when most comedians want to refer to a ghetto girl they use the name “Shaniqua” and when referring to a ghetto white girl the common name to use is “Becky”?  There are many stereotypical characteristics associated with a name.  In the minds of those who stereotype there is an unfortunate demeaning picture painted, for example:  Shaniqua has an articulation deficiency, a bad attitude, exaggerates neck swirling, booty pops like her previous profession was stripping, dwells upon roach infestation in the heart of the “Hood”, lacks the required education necessary to excel to higher grounds, most likely wears gold teeth, gelled hair, ridiculously long nail extensions and has plenty kids to start up her own nursery.  For a long time I contemplated changing my name to refrain from being singled out and misconstrued.  However it’s the name that has been with me since my existence.  Shaniqua is also the name my family and friends know to be attached to the very person they have grown to love and the name my mom selected over “Jersey”.

I say that, to say this…if we allow people to define who we are because of a shallow misconception then we become the stereotype.  Who am I?  I am a humble American girl named Shaniqua Moore and I am defined by no one.


Guys I have been on hiatus.  However, I will not be gone for long.  I have educational obligations…and we all know with great decision making skills, comes great rewards.  I have put my studies forth to be able to give more to this project.  To those who are looking forward to what’s coming, I will be making a grand appearance in Spring 2011.



Jet Setter…or a Rock with Eyes?


I have yet to get out of the country but I have been places.  Experienced the country side, camped out, climbed a few mountains, flown to a number of states and have tested a few attractions along the skirts of the five boroughs.  I am no foreigner when it comes to trying something so out of my element.  If you ask me, I will try anything once if it’s worth the while.  I want to do things not just so I can say I’ve done them but to step outside of what is considered to be the “norm”.

Because I have education, work and motherly obligations I am holding off on the extreme use of frequent flyer miles but on no level am I a root and have no intention to be one.  I have to thank a very special lady for introducing me to life outside of a place I call home NYC…my mom.  With her I’ve been given the opportunity to experience and embrace traveling.  I’ve learned at young to, take risk, enjoy life, learn as much as I can and appreciate all that I am capable to do and never forgetting to thank God for the latter of it all.

Some people only know their surroundings and become a product of such.  Every day the same things, but just a different day and become so accustomed to it they never get a chance to enjoy the variety the world shares.  I say that to say this…Position yourself to be a goal getter.  Even a mouse knows how to navigate his way through the maze and exit the box.  Don’t sit around letting time pass you by then all you have to share is the little that you know.  It’s something undeniably unexplainable about breaking free, smelling the fresh country air and visiting different places.  Are you a Jet Setter? Or just A Rock with Eyes?